I hope so much that everyone is well and keeping safe! I know a lot of people are understandably very worried and many are now in isolation and keeping a distance.
Until notified that dog grooming is a danger I'm carrying on as normally as possible - but with some extra precautions. Here's how I'm currently operating...
The British Veterinary Association are currently giving the advice that this nasty virus is not transmitted via dogs and other pets - even by contact with their fur/hair.
Hard surfaces and human to human contact is, however, a risk - so I'm using my own leads when taking your dog to avoid touching something you will also need to touch.
I'm taking hand-over of dogs outside - either at my garden gate or outside your home if I'm collecting your dog. I'm extending the offer to collect dogs from home (for existing customers only) if anyone is needing to stay in isolation and I will not be charging for this (within reasonable distances of course)
My cleaning processes are normally very thorough and everything is sterilised between each dog visiting anyway - but I've increased this and now wear a filtered mask during grooming too, plus change my clothing after each dog - little extra measures hopefully will make all the difference!
No symptoms of illness in my household and wider family, and no known contact with any infection so far. My husband and myself are lucky to already work from home so we really are partial hermits anyway!
Call me with any concerns about your dog's grooming - I'm not an expert but I'll do my best to help.
Take care everyone - but don't panic - for the majority of us stress is more harmful to our long-term health than a cough and a fever!


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