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  • Dogs will only be accepted for grooming with a current up to date vaccination certificate, stating that they have been vaccinated against Parvovirus, Distemper, Hepatitis, Para-influenza and Leptospirosis.  This certificate should be produced on arrival and will be added to your dog’s grooming records.

  • It is recommended that your dog has a current up to date Kennel Cough vaccination administered at least 14 days prior to arrival.  Dogs without a Kennel Cough vaccination will be accepted, but please be aware this is at your own risk and Bubble Hut Doggy Spa will not be held responsible should your dog become infected.

  • The owner should ensure that all dogs are treated for worms and fleas prior to arrival.  Please be advised it is not recommended that dogs are bathed for one week after applying spot-on treatments. 

  • Dogs will not be accepted should an external parasite infestation be evident on arrival.  However, if during grooming it later becomes evident that your dog has fleas, you will be charged an additional fee to cover the cost of insecticidal shampoo and the cost of cleansing and treating the grooming salon.  Any ticks found on your dog will be removed.

  • Dogs will not be accepted for grooming if they are evidently suffering from any illness (unless the medical condition is already under veterinary treatment and the vet has stated the dog is fit for grooming).  In this case, all aspects of the animal’s health will be discussed, and a Safe Grooming Plan agreed and signed.

  • Grooming of ill and elderly pets is entirely at the owner’s risk.  If we deem your pet to be unfit either before or during the grooming procedure, we have the right to either cancel your booking and/or ask you to collect your dog as soon as possible.

  • We do not groom bitches in season as this can affect their behaviour and grooming may be stressful, uncomfortable or unpleasant for the animal at this time.

  • Under no circumstances do we accept sedated dogs for grooming.  If your dog is nervous, it is acceptable for them to be given a herbal calming treatment or remedy, and we will use calming aromatherapy sprays and shampoo to ease their stress as much as possible.

  • We reserve the right to refuse any dog that presents a risk of injury to itself, other dogs or any person.

  • We cannot be held liable for any underlying health or skin issues that grooming may expose on your dog.

  • Please be aware that if your dog is brought in with any dense matting the cost of grooming will increase.  Every attempt will be made to contact you to discuss and agree this in advance.  However, if we cannot contact you and feel it is in the interest of the dog’s welfare to shave the matted coat off, we will.

  • Please be aware that shaving your dog will dramatically change their appearance and may also expose pre-existing skin complaints, plus skin can be prone to further irritation and soreness, all for which we cannot be held liable.


  • Please adhere to arrival times as closely as possible.  If you arrive late this reduces the amount of time in which to groom your dog before the next appointment (rushing the groom may cause stress for your dog and the groomer, and potentially spoil the end result).  We reserve the right to cancel the groom if you are very late arriving.

  • Dogs must be collected at the time arranged.  If you are unavoidably delayed, please contact us to notify.  We will also notify you in return if the grooming process is taking longer than anticipated at the start.

  • Abandoned dogs cannot be accommodated here and we reserve the right to contact local dog rescue services or the local authorities regarding dogs that have been unacceptably left with us and where we are unable to contact you as “the owner”.  We will accept no liability for any dog that is taken away from our premises under these circumstances.

  • Cancellations must be advised at least 24 hours in advance of the booked time.  In the event of no notification, we reserve the right to charge/invoice you up to the full grooming amount of the service you had booked.


  • Please understand that your dog’s welfare is paramount throughout grooming, and your pet’s health, safety and wellbeing central to our ethos and values.  However, in the unlikely event of injury or illness (for example: accidental nick or cut to the dog’s claw, pad or ears by clippers or scissors) appropriate first aid will be administered to your dog and you will be notified as soon as possible (or at the collection time)

  • Depending on the severity of any injury caused by us, you or your nominated emergency contact will be notified straight away.  We will seek immediate veterinary care (if needed) and take full responsibility for any veterinary costs directly resulting from our non-deliberate mistake.  We will use your own vet if possible or ours if urgent and nearer.

  • In the event of illness, underlying injuries or health issues for which we are not responsible; appropriate first aid treatment or suitable care will be provided.  You or your nominated emergency contact will be notified and advised to seek immediate veterinary care at your own cost.

  • In the extremely unlikely event of your dog’s death due to a pre-existing condition or any underlying health issues, we will notify you immediately, and would normally expect you to make your own arrangements to have your dog collected or taken to a vet.  We accept no blame for events or liability for any costs in these very sad circumstances.

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