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Facilities in the bubble hut doggy spa

Easy wipe surfaces
with full cleaning & sterilising equipment
 so top hygiene standards can be maintained between visiting doggies
All brand new equipment including extra large cushion-topped grooming table & lower-noise dryer to ensure your doggy
is styled in style
& comfort
will massage your doggy with warm bubbly water, strong or soft jets for extra deep cleaning & therapeutic benefits, including healthy blood circulation & coat condition
If there's anything you want to know that's not covered here, or if your doggy needs any special handling or facilities....just ask us and we'll do our best to help....

Thank you for your message....we'll respond asap!

Or take a look at our FAQ's:

Large secure garden for letting off steam & cooling down if the dryer gets a bit
too hot, or all that brushing gets a bit
too boring
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