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We love our wonderful Earth!

As a dog owner, you probably spend a lot of time outside in the park or enjoying the countryside along with your doggy - who enjoys and appreciates all those natural sights, sounds and smells even more.

Bubble Hut Doggy Spa's very own ECO-TERRIER, our Airedale Zachary, has encouraged us to get out and explore the outdoors like never before - and it's a world we love so much. 


But we all need to work hard to protect this beautiful and fragile place for future generations (humans and puppies too!)

We try to reduce the impact we have on the delicate balance of nature so that Zack can continue to enjoy bouncing in the snow and digging on a sunny sandy beach....
  • We try to use organic, safe and natural products for your dog

  • All our equipment is modern, new and energy-efficient

  • The Bubble Hut is insulated to conserve energy and heat in winter

  • Our Hydrobath recycles warm water for your dog's wash so uses less water and less power to heat it

  • Waste water is filtered and is safe for our garden plants to drink

  • We use bio-degradable poo bags!

  • We aim to install solar panels soon for all the hut's power in the future

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